• CHIMERA 1911 C.E.

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  • He Knew I Would Tell

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    By: Carolyn Howard

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    River City, Indiana’s cake baker, Charly Angell, and new best friend, Violet Shades, aka “Boots,” a California transplant, team up to solve the murder of an Addicted to the Arts co-op member and eliminate Charly’s teenage son as a possible suspect. n
    by: Carolyn Howard
    Based on a true story and set in the 1800's, a wealthy farmer fails to marry the widowed sister of his deceased wife and marries another! Intriguing journey of suspense, jealousy, greed and MURDER.
    by: Virgie
    "What is real and what is a lie is clouded further by sorcery. 'Chimera' is a novel of witchcraft and romance, as Chelsea faces the love she left behind for family. The man she loves may be a murderer, and may have won her heart not through dedication and kindness, but instead magick. 'Chimera' is a riveting romance that is worth considering for those who seek fantasy stirred into their tales of love and lust." (Midwest Book Review)
    by: BW Wrighthard
    Follow Sara's journey from San Francisco to River City, Indiana to reconnect with the mother who abandoned her years earlier. Intrigue and deception are exposed in a crashing reality.
    by: Valley Brown
    Speeding Tickets is a contemporary romantic suspense novel, combining trauma, tragedy and the hope of finding love once more.
    by: Valley Brown
    Rough Piece of Road -Book Two of the Rocky Road Series. Christine Cassler Hartford’s romantic honeymoon takes a nose-dive when Doug mistakes her for another woman in his sleep. Mobsters, Feds, and the Gangster's daughter weave intriguing suspense. Can Chris find money she never knew existed and stay alive long enough to keep her marriage and sanity intact?n
    by: Susan Engler
    Amelia's love story is pleading to be told. Emotions unspoken, an impressionable journey that reveals a surprising twist.

    by: Cheryl Mochau
    100 delicious, healthy easy, recipes. All recipes list calories, fat, calories from fat, protein, carbs, cholesterol, and sodium. Enjoy the simple tastes of healthy foods.
    by: Scott Thomas Sieg
    A Tell-All, Self-Help Book for Fellow Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
    by: Cheryl Mochau
    Short Stories of God Moments in the Lives of Ordinary People. 33 short stories that reveal personal, powerful , and poignant God Moments, relative
    for today's world.
    by: Howard C. Fero, PhD and Rebecca L. Herman, PhD
    Ballplayers require encouragement, support, and most of all the trust of upper management. LEAD ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME will equip anyone, at any level within an organization, with the skills and tools needed to cultivate a winning attitude.
    by: Richard Moss, M.D.
    Childhood spent in the Bronx, a mother's struggle raising five boys alone, graduation from medical school, setting up a traditional medical practice in Indiana and struggling with the inability to save his mother after she suffered a stroke.
    My Garland of Grace
    by: Michael Mitchell
    This salt -of-the-earth account provides a glimpse of what it was like growing up in a conservative Midwest home in the 1960's and 70's. Wisdom for today, grace for yesterday, promise for tomorrow.
    Special Strength for Special Parents
    by: Nina Fuller
    Parents of children with special needs need therapy, too! 31 Days of Spiritual Therapy serves to help connect parents to God and to each other. Part
    devotional, part therapy and full of heart warming stories.
    by: H. Christine Lindblom and Virgie Shofner
    Takes you step by step through the hurdles of viral marketing, copy writing, and the creation of viable marketing materials for your book.